Friday, 19 August 2011

Introducing... Kira!

Kira is my eldest Siberian Husky bitch, she's 2 and a half years old (DOB 03/02/09 ish)

She was our 1st dog, and admittedly we done everything wrong, I wanted a husky, done a little research, then went to preloved! Wrong I know, and unfortunately our little 13 week old pup seemed to be an abuse victim :(

The sellers weren't the breeders, they said they had got her a month before, but now had to move house and couldnt take her, after the 1st couple of days with her we suspected there may have been more to her story than we were told.

She was unvaccinated and full of worms, and had never seen a lead before, it terrified her! The first night after we got her home she had an accident on the floor and as I walked over to clear it up she cowered down with her ears back and done another little wee, then ran and hid behind the sofa! She wouldn't come out for over an hour, even when we offered food.

Fast forward 2 years and she's a happy, healthy, beautiful wee girly, who loves everyone (except drunk people, she's still scared of them!). During the winter she is regularly worked in harness (sled dog racing) alongside Grey, our male Siberian, and throughout the year she enjoys running offlead with her friends in the safety of the enclosed dog park, and snoring on the sofa!

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