Wednesday, 7 September 2011

An Indi-Dog review!

Thanks to Emma Redden who kindly wrote up this short review on her collars and the Indi-Dog experience! The review is all Emma's own work and has not been edited at all.

What attracted you to indi-dog/why did you want to buy
The main reason I bought from Indi-dog is that my big dog has to wear a martingale collar, as he can slip out of a normal one, yet I can never find one I like, they are all boring plain ones in the shops. Once I had made my first order I quickly got onto choosing collars for my other dogs!
I can never find exactly what I am looking for in shops or online, and somehow, it never quite fits right. I love that Indi-Dog products are made to measure, and have so many different colours and patterns. I especially love the little extras such as an extra ring for the dog tags

the buying experience/customer service
fantastic customer service, happy to post pictures of chosen ribbon next to the various colours of webbing so I could decide what looked best before ordering, any questions answered promptly. Any suggestions/ideas have been taken on board and added or at least considered. Definitely an experience I want to repeat -in fact have already ordered another!

the product - what did you buy/quality/fit/value for money/how much you like it etc etc
I bought a martingale collar, a flat collar and a buckle collar. Very happy with the collars, they suit my dogs well. Extremely well made, fantastic value for money! My dogs play fight, run through trees, get covered in mud etc and the collars are still in fab condition! I really love my collars and I am sure the dogs do too!

anything else you want to add
thank you so much for my wonderful collars, I look forward to ordering more things!



Massive thanks to Emma for writing this for me, its nice to know she is enjoying her collars! And don't the dogs look stunning?!

I hope to add more reviews over time, so keep an eye out for them!

Sid x

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